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Doja Cat slams 'shallow' perception she is a 'viper girl with boobs and a**'

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Doja Cat slams 'shallow' perception she is a 'viper girl with boobs and a**'

Doja Cat has branded the perception that she is a "viper rapper girl with boobs and a**" as "shallow".

The 'Woman' rapper has hit out at those who see her as a sexual object with "no opinions" from her appearances on television.

Speaking to Rolling Stone UK, the 26-year-old superstar explained how she is often seen as: "A vapid rapper girl with boobs a**, and I have no opinions.

"You see someone on a screen, and they're putting on an act and doing a thing for the camera, and you're like, 'Oh, that's how they are all the time.'

"It's a shallow way to think, that the person on the TV is nothing but a glob of pixels doing clown s***."

The 'Say So' hitmaker went on to admit she doesn't like to "parade personal experiences" in her lyrics because then people assume they know her.

She said: "I don't like to parade personal experiences through my music because everybody has something to say about me and they think they f***ing know me.

"That kind of turns your life into this big, big Broadway show."

Meanwhile, Doja recently admitted she has become more restrained on social media since finding fame.

The music star - whose real name is Amala Dlamini - was hugely enthusiastic about social media before she released her debut album 'Amala' in 2018, but Doja admits she's become more cautious with her posts over recent years.

She explained: "I used to be on Periscope a lot. I’d be live for 10 or 12 hours at a time. I’d be making beats, and they weren’t any good, but it was fun.

I would just be yelling at and roasting people, and they would be like, 'Damn, why are you so mad?' But then some people would think it was funny and go along with it. That was me back then, and I love going in on people, but I stopped because with a big platform, you don’t want to hurt anybody.

"You have power and you’re looked at a certain way, and if you go in on people and s***, it doesn’t help you or them, and they can tear you down more than you can tear them down."


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