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Chuck roast marinated in umami-rich ingredients like gochujang, mirin and ginger sears beautifully for a sandwich, with noodles or on potatoes.

Nothing says summer like a good shredded chicken sandwich with plenty of coleslaw and some barbecue sauce, but if you choose to forgo meat, this @desperatelyseekingseitan recipe is the next best thing.

Vegetarian FoodTok creator @justine_snacks has a few different meat dishes she’d like to try, but instead of caving, she came up with her own recipe for Nashville hot chicken using tofu and plant based milk as a substitute.

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It’s easy to determine if a soft dog treat variety is a healthy snack or doggy junk food.

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DeLallo makes a very nice sauce — more unctuous than average and with a pronounced olive flavor that's quite noticeable. That's balanced out by the slightly sweet tomato flavor. This strikes me as a good sauce to doctor up with some meat or sausage.

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