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QUESTION: I am in sixth grade at Sparta Middle School, and my teacher says I could win the Nobel Prize. How many girls have won the Nobel Prize?

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Landscaping and gardening tools that are electric- or gas-powered may require maintenance or service before you use them this season. Electric tools like a cordless hedge trimmer will need to be charged fully prior to use. If the rechargeable battery doesn’t hold a charge as well as it used to, you may need to replace it. Gas-powered tools need their fluids and tires checked.

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Anybody who owns an electric vehicle needs a 240-volt charger at home. With it, your car can recharge overnight, so you start every day with the equivalent of a full tank.

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23. Light a fire. If your fireplace runs on wood instead of gas, a fire is another way to keep a room warm and enjoy a cozy night. "Make sure that your flue is properly opened and clean to make sure that smoke doesn't come back in the home but goes properly up the flue," Benjamin said. "When the fire is out, you should of course close the flue because it's like having an open window."

Question: Why does a kid’s tongue get stuck on a metal pole in A Christmas Story movie I watched?

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