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Transplanting small starters can be tricky. You risk losing the root bulb and having all the soil fall off before your plant is even in the ground. But this genius double-cup transplanting trick from @stevo.the.tinker will make it easy to transplant your starter to a garden bed where it can thrive.

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No need to prune and repot every houseplant every year. Many grow very slowly, so might need this treatment only every few years.

Some of the more common questions I get at the Extension Office involve helping homeowners and landowners diagnose problems they find with the…

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DerekGender: Male1980s Frequency per 1M Babies: 3,882Average Frequency per 1M Babies: 826Derek is a name with English roots that held the aver…


Are you thinking of planting a tree or trees in your yard this summer to replace that ash tree that just succumbed to the ash borer, or just t…

The safe period to prune oak trees is over, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. With recent warm temperatures, oaks ar…

A maverick dandelion in an otherwise perfectly groomed lawn is a bounder and an eyesore to Ortho and Roundup aficionados. A blanket of sunny p…

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