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Stop the presses (I always wanted to shout that at the Trib)!!!!! I say we should send this serious waste of paint and concrete directly to the Minnesota Vikings and pl90 it right in front of their stadium! I think it would become an instant hit with fans as no one can identify more with an entire team of folks who all CHOKE.

Buggs Raplin

I know a sure-fire strategy for turning around public opinion. Mayor Kabat, are you listening? Put a large Green Bay Packers stocking cap on the baby. Go Pack. Go Hatched Baby.


A better idea... change the name of the Packers to the Hatched Babies and have the players paint their faces blue.


Agree with David Lee's post. Those statues of kids with the angel wings are pretty disconcerting as the wings imply to me that they represent a dead kid who has gone to heaven.

Buggs Raplin

But what if the kid didn't believe in Jesus?

David Lee

Its terrible, but then again is that stupid skateboarder with wings


Send it back omg,looks like a baby from the movie avatar. Gift or not what was the city thinking?


Regift the ugly thing to La Cresent.


No... keep it on that side of the river (or dump it in the river).


Selfies, anyone? Anyone?...


Yes please!

Rick Czeczok

Council made a decision without a consultant finally. Too bad it was the wrong one. Stupid in stupid out......

Buggs Raplin

Dilly dilly

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