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Obama's Visit

President Barack Obama speaks this afternoon about the economy at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  

President Barack Obama touted his economic policies in La Crosse today, including his recent move to expand overtime pay for nominally managerial positions.

Obama spoke for about 40 minutes to a packed house at the Recreational Eagle Center at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

"This is an issue of basic fairness. If you work longer and work harder, you should get paid for it," Obama said.

Obama announced Tuesday that the U.S. Department of Labor will update the salary threshold to receive overtime to $970 per week, or $50,440 per year, in 2016, from the $455 per week, or $23,660 per year, it has been since 2004. He says the change will allow workers currently designated managers to receive overtime pay they deserve -- or more time away from work.

"They essentially label someone as a manager instead of a worker, even if they are making like $25,000, working a whole bunch of hours. It's a way of getting around the minimum wage; it's not fair," Obama said.

Obama said the rules would give 80,000 people in Wisconsin and 5 million people in the U.S. overtime protections.

"In American, a hard day's work deserves a fair day's wage," Obama said.

Obama also called for a higher minimum wage, expanded sick leave and free community college courses, all while criticizing Republican policies.


City government reporter

Jourdan Vian is a reporter and columnist covering local government and city issues for the La Crosse Tribune. You can contact her at 608-791-8218.

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Truth, yes Scunkie Wanker IS.

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Oh, agreed, Truth. This half Kenyan guy campaigned on the idea that he would do all he could to help the poor, the elderly, the voiceless, the middle and working classes. What garbage, eh? Obviously he is stuffing his pockets with the money that all those billionaires, like the Koch boys and the Bradley family, are throwing at him to keep health care costs down by denying medical help to the poor, right? Isn't that how it's going? Well, no, this creep with the middle name Hussein goes and really tries to do everything he said he would and has succeeded on much of it. The idea of a politician trying to keep his promises. What a hideous jerk, right Truth?


What a hideous building!


Amen. Why would they hold this event here???


Good change to law long overdue. Salaried workers that put up with that should have been looking at other options but sadly to many today are simply accepting of a job that pays them just enough to keep them there. Like Tower said in another story on this, if you were working 60 hours and now can only work 40 at least now maybe that employee can have a life.




What does "yes" mean?


restofpropraganda, what does "What does 'yes' mean?"

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