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TEAM: West Salem co-op 135.7, Holmen 133.475, Onalaska/G-E-T 129.875, Viroqua co-op 127.2, La Crosse co-op 124.25, Sparta 119.65.

ALL-AROUND: Caelen Lansing (La Crosse co-op) 36.8; Ella Krause (West Salem co-op) 36.2; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 35.45; Harley Bartels (Holmen) 34.8; Lily Wiegand (Sparta) 34.65; Anna Gorski (West Salem co-op) 34.375; Sophie White (Ona./G-E-T) 33.45; Paris Lambert (Ona./G-E-T) 33.4.

VAULT: Caelen Lansing (La Crosse co-op) 9.35; Paris Lambert (Ona./G-E-T) 9.15; Ella Krause (West Salem co-op) 9.05; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 9.0; Savannah Clark (Sparta) 8.95; Maddy Lau (Holmen) 8.75; Natalie Jeranek (West Salem co-op) 8.75; Harley Bartels (Holmen) 8.65; Anna Gorski (West Salem co-op) 8.65.

UNEVEN BARS: Caelen Lansing (La Crosse co-op) 9.275; Ella Krause (West Salem co-op) 9.05; Lily Wiegand (Sparta) 8.7; Harley Bartels (Holmen) 8.55; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 8.5; Anna Gorski (West Salem co-op) 8.475; Hannah Verhulst (Holmen) 8.25; Natalie Althoff (West Salem co-op) 8.15; Ava Clark (Holmen) 8.15.

BALANCE BEAM: Lily Wiegand (Sparta) 9.275; Ella Krause (West Salem co-op) 9.1; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 9.075; Caelen Lansing (La Crosse co-op) 9.0; Harley Bartels (Holmen) 8.95; Emily Miller (West Salem co-op) 8.95; Natalie Jeranek (West Salem co-op) 8.875; Hannah Sacia (Holmen) 8.85.

FLOOR EXERCISE: Caelen Lansing (La Crosse co-op) 9.6; Harley Bartels (Holmen) 9.475; Ella Krause (West Salem co-op) 9.475; Lydia Korn (Viroqua co-op) 9.35; Lily Wiegand (Sparta) 9.35; Maddy Lau (Holmen) 9.225; Natalie Jeranek (West Salem co-op) 9.2; Hannah Verhulst (Holmen) 9.175.

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Assistant Sports Editor

Todd Sommerfeldt has covered sports for the La Crosse Tribune since 2003 after doing the same previously in the Fox Cities and Rock County.