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Vikings Packers

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb can't catch a pass during the second half of the Packers' 16-0 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday, Dec. 23, 2017, in Green Bay, Wis. 

Offense: F

Brett Hundley's passes are almost always released a tick late, which happened on his first-half interception in the red zone. Hundley's big plays come with his feet, not his arm. It's hard to run when defenses don't respect the pass. Considering the right side of the line was new, the pass protection wasn't bad.

Defense: B

Holding Minnesota to 114 first-half yards was a product of hard-nosed play. Josh Hawkins was no match for Stefon Diggs. He was forced to take a 39-yard pass interference penalty on a deep ball to Diggs because he was beaten so badly. Kenny Clark, already good against the run, had two sacks and a quarterback hurry.

Special teams: C-minus

Justin Vogel opened with a 23-yard punt. On a frigid night, Vogel alternated good punts with bad punts all game long. Welcome to Lambeau Field in December, Justin, get used to it. Trevor Davis had plenty of chances for big returns but was never able to break anything substantial. The Packers covered well, as usual.

Coaching: D

Some hoped Mike McCarthy would open things up for Brett Hundley with nothing on the line. Umm, no. Hundley was 3-for-5 for 9 yards in the first quarter. The lateral to Randall Cobb after putting him in motion should be scrubbed from the playbook. Dom Capers' defense twice had 12 men on the field; not a good look.

Overall: D

Give the Packers credit for one thing, they showed up ready to compete, especially on defense. However, their offense could do nothing against Minnesota's elite defense and the Vikings' 10-0 halftime lead was basically insurmountable. With a 7-8 record and a brutal injury list, this season can't get over fast enough.

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(4) comments


GB isn't the ONLY team to lose key players but that is their only excuse for losing! The Vikings lost a lot of key players this year and last night, too. They adapt and fight, unlike the crybaby Packers. To the pit of misery - Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson! Dilly, Dilly!


Tom Oats overrated this game, at best an F minus. The only reason the game was this close is the field condition was terrible. So much for the highly touted heating system.

Matt Foley

I would agree that Packers looked bad, but you failed to comment on is the fact that the Vikings should have blown away the injury riddled Packers but they didn't. I would give the Vikings a less than a 50% chance of making it to the Superbowl and no chance of winning it. Mr. Oates your grading over the past several seasons is a "D" at best


Spoken like a true Packer fan. What exactly would a "blowout" be for you? 30-0? 40-0? They got beat 16-0 and believe me it very well could have been worse. They did what they had to do to win and tried to not take risks to get even more players injured. It was bad on both sides. That's what happens when you play football on an ice skating rink in a league supposedly concerned with injuries. The Vikings coach, Mike Zimmer is a class act and liked by most people around the league. Fans included. I give them a better than 50% chance of winning the Superbowl. Their well coached, relatively healthy compared to most of the remaining teams and are playing like they are on a mission.

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