The McFarland team of Becca and Matt Hamilton couldn't work their way out of trouble at a critical moment in their second Olympic mixed doubles curling game Thursday.

The Hamiltons lost 6-4 to the Canadian team of Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris in Gangneung, South Korea, to fall to 1-1 in the tournament.

Canada stole three points in the fifth end for a 5-2 lead.

After the teams each scored one point with the last shot in the opening four ends, Matt Hamilton's takeout attempt with the U.S.' fourth of five shots instead removed two of his own stones.

Becca Hamilton's final throw of the end removed only one of four Canadian stones, giving Canada a game-changing steal.

The Hamiltons won their opener against the Olympic Athletes from Russia earlier Thursday but couldn't complete a first-day sweep.

"We went out and played our best game," Becca Hamilton said. "That was good enough this morning; unfortunately, we were on the wrong side of the inch this afternoon. So we'll have to tighten up a bit and hopefully get a win tomorrow."

The Americans scored a single point in the sixth end and stole one with Canada holding the last shot in the seventh to pull within 5-4.

But in the final end, Lawes' draw to the button was on target to deny the U.S. comeback try.

"We'll just have to sharpen up a little bit for tomorrow to get some more wins on the board," Matt Hamilton said.

The U.S. team is in a pack of six at 1-1 in the round-robin tournament that consists of seven contests per team. The Hamiltons are scheduled to play the only 2-0 team, Switzerland, on Friday (5:35 p.m. Thursday Madison time).

The top four teams after the round robin make the Monday semifinals.