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A 25-year-old Norwalk man was referred to the Monroe County District Attorney for third-offense drunk driving and resisting a police officer after Feb. 25 incident in the village of Norwalk.

Police were called shortly after 6 a.m. to a Hill Street address, where a witness said a person in a black SUV had been honking his horn for 30 minutes. When police arrived, the man in the passenger seat, later identified as Jose F. Bautista, was still honking and turning the vehicle’s lights on and off.

Bautista exited his vehicle when police arrived at the scene. The report says the vehicle wasn’t running but the keys were in the ignition. Police attempted to ask Bautista, who smelled of intoxicants, how much alcohol he had consumed but Bautista responded as if he didn’t understand English. A translator was then summoned to the scene.

According to the report, Bautista said the car was locked and he was trying to open it, which explains why the horn repeatedly sounded. He admitted to consuming three beers and agreed to a field sobriety test, which the officer told him would be conducted in Sparta due to weather conditions.

Bautista was placed in the squad car and reportedly refused multiple requests to fasten his seat belt before starting to get out of the car. He allegedly sat with his feet outside the door and said he would sit there and wait for a lawyer. He also allegedly said he would punch the officer in the face if he touched him. Police eventually gained compliance with a Taser gun and transported him to the Monroe County Jail.

Dispatch informed police that Bautista has a bond condition that prohibits him from consuming alcohol, which triggered a bail jumping referral. He was also referred for operating after revocation.

In other Monroe County Sheriff’s Office news:

Eli J. Brush, 27, Tomah, was referred to the district attorney for contempt of court and 26 counts of threatening a law enforcement officer. A correctional officer at the Monroe County Jail was screening outgoing mail when he discovered a letter allegedly written by Brush to a person outside the jail. The letter refers to correction officers as “so disrespectful” and writes about “catching them off work” and assaulting them “intill they cant eat right.”

Sakham Heng, 46, Greensboro, North Carolina, was referred to the district attorney for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after a Feb. 20 traffic stop.

Heng’s vehicle was headed northbound on Interstate 94 when it was pulled over for a defective registration lamp. Police detected the “overwhelming” odor of marijuana despite the driver using a cover spray to mask the scent, according to the report.

The report says an officer observed a hand-rolled cigarette in the ashtray and green marijuana shake in the driver’s lap. Heng reportedly admitted to having a marijuana joint in the car and that he had smoked marijuana 2-3 hours earlier, but the report says the tip of the blunt was still hot, indicating it had been smoked immediately before the traffic stop.

Heng was also issued a citation for first-offense drunk driving.

Brian James Gnewikow, 33, Norwalk, was referred to the district attorney for child abuse and disorderly conduct after allegedly flying into a rage at a village of Norwalk residence Feb. 20.

A woman told police that Gnewikow was agitated by noises that prevented him from sleeping. He allegedly slapped a 16-year-old in the face before leaving the residence to buy alcohol. When he returned, the argument resumed, and the witness said Gnewikow began throwing items in the residence and threatened a woman with a power drill. The report says the woman recorded Gnewikow’s behavior.

The woman also told police of an earlier incident in which Gnewikow attempted to strike a 15-year-old before she got between the two and absorbed the blow on her arm.

Kenneth M. Sizemore, 36, Ontario, was referred to the district attorney for threatening law enforcement officers.

Police were dispatched shortly after noon to Mascot Avenue in the town of Jefferson, where a disabled vehicle had numerous items piled on the roof. Police reportedly found marijuana and drug paraphernalia on another person at the scene. No contraband was found on Sizemore, but he had two outstanding warrants and was behaving erratically, according to the report.

After police arrested Sizemore, he allegedly yelled threats toward law enforcement and their families. En route to the Monroe County Jail, he reportedly said, “I’m not suicidal. I’m … homicidal. There’s a difference.” The report says Sizemore also banged his head against the partition that separates the front and back seats of the squad car.

Scott A. McHale, 49, Tomah, was referred to the district attorney for disorderly conduct and battery after a Feb. 16 incident in the village of Oakdale.

Police responded to a report that McHale had pulled a gun on a woman. The woman, described in the report as “not cooperative,” told police she and McHale had gotten into an argument and that he brandished a firearm but that he didn’t use it. She denied the argument got physical, but a witness said the woman had a black eye and swollen lip.

Police later interviewed McHale, who denied any physical altercation took place.

Ericka M. Klink, 33, Cashton, was referred to the district attorney for harboring a felon in the town of Portland.

Police Feb. 12 were called to a Nash Road address, where a neighbor reported that Curtis Gregory Huwald, 35, Cashton, had fired a gun in the air several weeks earlier. The neighbor contacted Klink, an acquaintance of Huwald, via Facebook and said Klink didn’t deny Huwald had fired the gun. When the neighbor told Klink that Huwald was a felon, Klink changed her story and said she had fired the weapon. The neighbor said she was reluctant to press and that she didn’t feel safe allowing her children outside after the incident.

Police went to Klink’s residence later in the day. She reportedly told police Huwald wasn’t at the residence. Klink said she had driven Huwald to Sparta a few days earlier and had no knowledge of active warrants for Huwald’s arrest. She refused to let police search the residence.

Police returned to Klink’s residence Feb. 18. The report says she admitted firing several shots with a Glock 9 mm after a stray cat had gotten inside a fenced area of the property. She reportedly told police that Huwald didn’t own any firearms. She said the neighbor was turning the neighborhood against her because of Huwald’s “rap sheet.”

During the interview, Huwald turned himself in. He later told police that it was Klink who fired the weapon in an attempt to scare the dog and keep it from attacking the cat. Klink was referred for harboring a felon, endangering safety with the use of a dangerous weapon and obstructing an officer.

Heather C. Larsen, 39, Tomah, was referred to the district attorney for bail jumping. She is accused of violating a bond condition that prohibits her from consuming alcohol.

Jacob Daniel Krull, 22, Milwaukee, was referred to the district attorney for drug charges after police responded to a vehicle heading the wrong way on Interstate 94.

When police arrived, the vehicle was parked on the side of the road at mile marker 140, and police made contact with Krull, the vehicle’s lone occupant. He reportedly told police he had run over an object in the middle of the road that caused a flat tire. He said he was en route from La Crosse to Milwaukee, which police thought was suspicious due to his location on Interstate 94. The report says an odor of intoxicants was coming from the vehicle and that Krull had glassy eyes.

Police asked for proof of insurance, and when Krull opened the glove box, police observed two pill bottles inside. One was unmarked containing several brown pills. When asked what they were, Krull reportedly replied “a protein substance kinda thing.”

Krull submitted to a field sobriety test, and a preliminary breath registered a blood-alcohol level of .15. A search of the vehicle trunk allegedly found a duffel bag containing 15 Ziploc bags containing a green, leafy substance and a scale commonly used to measure marijuana.

Krull was referred for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. He was also issued a citation for first-offense drunk driving.

Ryan J. Mikkelson, 30, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for criminal damage to property and obstructing an officer after a Feb. 18 incident in the town of Sparta.

Police were dispatched to The Zone Sports Bar, where Mikkelson was involved in a disturbance. A witness told police Mikkelson that grabbed his glasses and broke them. Mikkelson initially denied the accusation but later admitted taking the glasses and throwing them in the garbage because the witness owed him money. The witness listed the value of the glasses at $50.


Tomah Journal editor

Steve Rundio is editor of the Tomah Journal. Contact him at 608-374-7785.

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