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Two Austin, Minnesota, women were referred to the Monroe County District Attorney for multiple drug charges after a March 28 traffic stop on Interstate 90 between Tomah and Sparta.

Police observed a westbound vehicle traveling 78 mph in a 70 mph zone and conducted a traffic stop shortly after midnight. The driver was identified as 36-year-old Danyel Sharon Skattebo. Police observed that Skattebo had poor oral hygiene and a raspy voice that is consistent with prolonged drug use. The passenger was identified as 34-year-old Jessie Lee Bellikka. The report says Bellikka spoke very rapidly and was very forthcoming with information about herself and her health.

Police observed an orange syringe in the back seat, which Bellikka said was for her son, who she said was on liquid morphine but later said it was liquid Tylenol. The officer informed the two that he intended to have a K9 unit conduct an exterior sniff of the vehicle, but Skattebo consented to the search before the K9 was utilized.

The search allegedly found numerous pills, including Clonazepam, Gabapentin, Adderall and Dextroamphetamine. The search also found a marijuana shake.

During a search of the trunk, police reportedly found a blue latex glove containing a bag of white powder that police believed to the cocaine.

Skattebo and Bellikka were both referred for possession of cocaine, possession of an illegally obtained prescription drug and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bellikka was also referred for possession of a Schedule I and Schedule II nacrotic.

In other Monroe Sheriff’s Office news:

Kevin A. Simon, 47, Warren, was referred to the district attorney for multiple charges after a March 25 incident in the town of Lincoln.

Police were called to a Brimstone Avenue address for a report of a violent disturbance. Police were told that Simon was “beating up” a woman and that he was standing outside the residence armed with a baseball bat. Shortly before police arrived, Simon put down the baseball bat and went into the woods.

The woman told police that Simon ripped clumps of hair from her head and struck her in the face. She also said Simon had damaged a vehicle by striking it with the baseball bat. As police were talking to the woman, she pointed at Simon walking in the woods and said he had a gun.

Police used a megaphone instructing Simon to exit the woods with his hands up, but he failed to comply. He re-entered the house through a garage. Police ordered him to exit the house and threatened to use a K9 unit to gain compliance. Simon then reportedly exited through a back door. Police confronted him and told him to get on the ground. He complied, was handcuffed without incident and taken to the Monroe County Jail.

Simon denied anything physical occurred and said the woman tried to run him over. He was referred for disorderly conduct, battery and recklessly endangering safety.

Jack W. Nabors, 24, Warrens, was referred to the district attorney for multiple charges after a March 25 incident in the town of Byron.

When police arrived to confront Nabors, he was reportedly threatening to confront somebody who he claimed had committed a sexual assault. Dispatch informed police that Nabors had a bond condition that prohibited him from committing acts of violence. Nabors was wearing a black knife sheath on his right hip, and police believe it contained a knife.

The report says Nabors was told repeatedly to keep his hand away from the knife. Nabors reportedly told police, “you can shoot me … but I don’t care.” He then took an aggressive stance, stomped his foot and said, “wanna go?” Nabors allegedly disobeyed repeated orders to keep his hands out of his pockets. He pointed to his forehead and told an officer he should shoot him there because if he missed, Nabors was coming after him.

Police eventually applied a Taser to Nabors and applied a kick that got Nabors to the ground. The report says Nabors then began screaming that he was hurt. He was taken by ambulance to Tomah Memorial Hospital.

Nabors was referred for disorderly conduct, resisting an officer, threatening an officer and bail jumping.

Mindi L. Swope, 29, and Justin W. Johnson, 36, both of Tomah, were referred to the district attorney for disorderly conduct after a March 27 incident in the town of Lincoln.

According to the report, Johnson said he was at work in his truck with the door open when Swope approached the truck and attacked him. Johnson said one of the punches opened a wound that required stitches.

Swope told police the two had been arguing repeatedly since January and that Johnson comes and goes as he pleases at her residence, often trashing the place. She said Johnson destroyed $4,000 worth of property during a January rampage.

Swope and Johnson were both referred for disorderly conduct. Swope was also referred for battery, and Johnson was also referred for criminal damage to property.

Randolph E. Reed, 56, Sparta, was referred to the district attorney for bail jumping. He is accused of violating a bond condition that prohibits him from operating a motor vehicle unless properly licensed.

Joslyn Pearl Rueb, 39, West Salem, was referred to the district attorney after allegedly driving away from Cataract Mart shortly before 7 p.m. March 22 without paying for $50.75 worth of gas. Rueb was identified by surveillance cameras, and police went to her West Salem residence March 29. She initially denied being involved in the drive-off and said she didn’t know where Cataract was. However, the report says she confessed after being confronted with the surveillance photo.

Rueb was referred for theft and fraud.

Timothy J. Meeler, 52, Warrens, was referred to the district attorney for disorderly conduct. He is accused of screaming and pushing items while intoxicated at a Warrens residence March 31. A witness told the police that Meeler was continuously yelling and screaming for nearly three hours until police arrived shortly before 1 p.m.


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