A 38-year-old Sparta man was referred to the district attorney for repeated sexual assaults of a 13-year-old girl over a four-month period.

Paul G. Schmitz was referred for sexual assault of a girl under 16 years old, exposing his genitals to a minor and engaging in repeated acts of sexual assault with the same child.

The girl told police that Schmitz assaulted her at least a dozen times since June. She said some of the assaults occurred when Schmitz took her on four-wheel drive trips on wooded land in the town of Leon. She said after the two got far enough into the forest so nobody else could see them, Schmitz would force her to disrobe. She said Schmitz touched her inappropriately, forced her to use a sex toy and to touch his penis. She told police she made it clear that she objected to Schmitz’s behavior but that he persisted in the assaults. She also told police that Schmitz told her not to tell anyone and that if she did, he would hurt her or her brother.

The girl was interviewed by police Oct. 7. She received a text message from Schmitz a day later that read, “I’m soory (sic) for whatever is going on I hope we can work it out.” The same day he sent a text message to the girl’s mother that read, “Please come talk to me so I know what I’m being accused of before jump to conclusions.”

Schmitz was interviewed by police Oct. 10. He requested a lawyer shortly into the interview and was placed under arrest. He has a pre-trial conference set for Dec. 4.