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The process to begin the creation of Tax Incremental Finance District 9 was approved unanimously by the Tomah City Council during Tuesday’s regular meeting at Tomah City Hall.

City administrator Roger Gorius said TID 9 would be for industrial development, most likely in the city’s industrial park.

The city’s current active Tax Incremental Finance District, TID 8, is for rehabilitation and conservation in downtown Tomah.

“(TID 8) is designed to take blighted territory, destroy it or reconstruct it and put something constructive up in a downtown area,” he said. “(TID 9) is more nuts and bolts; it’s putting some sewer in the ground, it’s putting some water in the ground, tearing down a couple buildings, helping some people acquire land to put other buildings up, retention ponds.”

He said the project is “more just the nuts and bolts, (it’s) giving them what they need for the basic infrastructure in order to operate.”

The creation of TID 9 would allow development of present properties in and around the industrial park, Gorius said.

“We’ve noticed there are some properties out there that are underused, under evaluated, and we want to be able to open those up for possible expansion to existing companies now or possible companies that want to invest in the future,” he said. “In order to open TID 9, that allows us to utilize incentives such as water, sewer, any kind of industrial expansion at that point.”

It could also bolster TID 8, Gorius said.

“If we can get some kind of expansion out there − we don’t know if we will or not − but if we can, TID 9 would be an industrial; they tend to grow larger and faster than a residential rehabilitation TID,” he said. “That money that we would get out there if there were surplus monies could be shifted into this TID to assist it.”

A set area hasn’t been discussed yet, Gorius said, but will generally encompass Tomah’s industrial park.

“We really haven’t targeted where we’re going to put it,” he said. “We have indicated a few buildings we probably want to include into it, but I won’t speak to those at this point, but there are some that we want to look at including out there. Like I said, they’re underutilized, they’re not realizing their potential. We feel that if we can give an incentive through the city that we might get investors that might want to pick these up and take care of them.”

In other business:

A liquor license for Skogen’s Foodliner, Inc., doing business as Festival Foods was approved by the city council contingent upon the time the sale of the Gordy’s Market building is finalized.

The council approved a lease agreement between Tomah Area Ambulance Service and Tomah Memorial Hospital for TAAS to utilize office space at TMH during a remodel of the TAAS ambulance barn.

The council approved a proposal for a remodel of the existing TAAS ambulance garage and office spaces.


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