How many of these places in the Coulee Region have you visited?

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Rick Czeczok

I would not put a old picture of the brewery containers up here. They are now an old and faded eye sore, full of black mold on the backside. Brewery has been making good money, and it is time to start cleaning this mess up. Moldy buildings, falling apart buildings, rusty buildings. The smell is easily taken care of with a little care and containment. The buildings inside are not much better. Where is the health department.

Buggs Raplin

Was there a picture of the palatial mansion of Buggs Raplin, future Festmaster?


Mindoro Cut is on State Highway 108, not Hwy 81 as the caption with the photo states
and soon (because of politics and money) it will be on County Hwy C :(

Grand Dad's Bluff

Hiawatha statue needs to go.....

David Lee

Harring field? Icons are something to be proud of and remembered. Harring Field?


I believe early in his novel, Advise and Consent, Allan Drury describes this stretch of highway as covered by "primeval" forests. Of course that is now more than 50 years ago.


If you're going to make comments about the river, please use the proper terms. That's a tow boat with a tow of barges. A barge is just a container that floats, and requires a boat to move it.

red potts

grand dads bluff by far and away.

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