A Veteran

martian----so you defend this half wit Ohmar ,how low can you go?????????????????????????

matian-----you also do not believe in free speech nor do you believe in rule of law(You seem to think you can do as you want) you do believe in open borders .Now when will you tell us what type of fictitious business you imagine you own ??????????????????

cape the DODO ---Like I have told you many times when you grow a pair and take mine I will gladly take yours----COWARD!!!!!!! Where is anything of substance from you,I would say stating that she is full of hate like most liberals is saying something of substance!!!!!

Like many liberals Harris is just full of hate and deceit !!!!!!!!

It looks like the liberal loons are just full of hate and no ideas on how to solve the N.K. problem---pathetic!!!!!!!!

martian ---Alan Dersowith says they are suppose to count the citizens .By your thinking the people here on a 10 day vacation should be counted.Why would we count somebody who by law is not suppose to receive any benefits.If the ILLEGALS are here they have no right to be represented in con…

martian num nuts the illegals are not supposed to be here why on gods green earth would we count them as being here????????

cassy----your comment shows how little you know about todays farmers-----fool!!!!!!

cassy----does the truth hurt------fool????????

He must have consumed a bit too much before writing this article!!!!

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