Sorry if I triggered you. If the shoe fits.....

Aren't you snowflakes still boycotting Nike from a year ago? Nike decides to remove an old version of a flag from some of their shoes. A flag which has been appropriated by racist groups. From shoes, you would never wear anyway. And now, once again you are triggered. Stick to your New Bal…

I agree. I read the 400 pages (redacted) and baed on that and Republican Mueller's statement, congrees has no choice but to start impeachment proceedings. The report lays out the roadmap. Now it is up to congress to do their job and the senate Republicans to put country over party. Instead…

Please explain this comment and provide real data to back your assertion.

Maybe that's why none of their 2x4s are straight.

Yeah, Mike, your coaching 'couldn’t have been handled any worse'.

Are you really that ignorant?

Walker to "articulate". Oh, the irony

Is that 1 million dollars or 1 million rubles?

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