The judges are completely hindering the police who are trying to clean up the drug infested mess around La Crosse. Time for some judges who want to help clean up the crime.

He's the poster child for why Wisconsin needs the death penalty.

So she could've gotten a 17 1/2 year sentence but only got 10 years. What is wrong with judges??!! Give maximum sentences for these people who are responsible for ruining God knows how many lives.

Next thing you know, the Republicans will want every newborn from the hospital nursery to go home with a pistol strapped to them.

I like stores like that in small communities. The place has something for everyone. I hope a store like that always remains there.

So, probation for gang rape? Unreal. What in the world is wrong with the judges? Throw these creeps in prison and leave them there.

If you can't tell a bull elk from a white tailed deer then you have no business hunting anything. Some people are just pathetic.

Why do many countries NOT have a drug issue like the United States? It's because those countries have much harsher laws including the death penalty for drug offenses. The criminal justice system in the United States is a complete farce when it comes to drug crimes. Other countries laugh …

This is exactly why Wisconsin needs the death penalty.

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