at least they aren't spending all of their "member owned" earnings on advertisement overkill like Altra does

blondscrapper commented on Loggers walk-off in season finale

thanks Loggers for another great season! McCoy was a great asset to the team these past two years and it was nice to see him get the standing ovation he deserved.

blondscrapper commented on Loggers walk-off in season finale

did they fail to communicate? or did the music director play much too loud music during that final inning and they couldn't hear each other? I believe it was the later, we walked out the final inning because it was too loud and they were playing too much music I think even our pitcher coul…

congratulations to Mason McCoy on setting the runs record for the NWL. The record he broke was a 3 year career, Mason's was only 2 years!

I love looking at these! looking forward to seeing the rest of them

Good Luck to our Loggers at the all star game tonight!

or limit your trips to downtown for 3 hours or less .. the first 3 hours are free

Looking forward to having Salazar join the team .. he played well at the college world series, maybe it's the boost the Loggers need to getting back on track

last night was one of the best games they've had this year. Too bad Stahlsburg couldn't get the win

I was 17 when the mall opened and I remember I visited it 3 time in the first 4 days. I later worked at the mall for several years .. from 1986 to 2004. Then it became a workplace and not so much a place to spend your free time

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