It sure beats me no no!

What scares me is all the loose cannons with concealed carry permits. I think the probability of being shot by someone goes up due to accidental shooting. Be serious now maybe someone has little firearms training and accidentally drops there firearms in a public place and shoots someone. The…

BoneBuster commented on Stoddard man accused of growing pot

A real Bummer! Kids must of got into his stash.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZE is a drug, it alters your mind!

What a bunch of BS

Keep your peepers out for motorcycles,chjildren, bibcyles. pedistrians. I wonder why no charges were given out. They better make a law if they dont have one..

After being shot once by immigrants to this country after a nice afternoon pheasant hunting with my dogs. I would advice hunting ethics to be added to the course. No you dont get in front of bird dogd when they are on a bird and think you can get a shot. Me no no, yes you do no no!

BoneBuster commented on City OKs agreement for Iverson

Brandishing a firearm is another story, most marriages dont involve such escalated violence. The family will live for years thinking "daddy pig" could be stalking to kill. If anyone that should know proper conduct in a domestic situation,he should have used the proper channels. i a…

Did they have fat guts hanging out and dilated pupils with the whites of their eyes all red and eating donuts. They would of fooled me.

The only ones that won were the bookies, Why do tavern owners let this type of scum in their bars. They are one step below a drug dealer. They steal food off childrens tables and baby shoes, yes they make profit due to a spread set in Las Vegas. Isnt that right Tony?

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