Buena Vista

I don't get it...who is Ramona?

To me, it dosen't matter who gets a driver's license....why should it matter to you? - Life is much easier when you stop sweating the small stuff.

How's that Capitalism BS sounding now, Rick? Socialism is/would be much better.

I agree.

This assistant police chief Abraham is the problem, not our judges. He is the the perfect example why the police force in LaCrosse is hated so badly by so many people.

Now if only the United States of America would elect a female, Democrat, gay President things might finally change for the better. - Congratulations city of Chicago!

No, he won't.

I am beginning to believe that the city of La Crosse, which I once loved, is headed in the wrong direction, totally. I agree with the comments left here earlier. - You can't fund leaf collection, yet you pay a parking officer or two 7 nights a week for 5 months out of the year to write alte…

It's not important who's paying for this. - Why are there always a few who are more concerned with the cost of something? And why the criticism of such a fine judge?

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