Can bet they have an overpriced developer / donor in mind for the repair work.

So, true. Started going to Gunderson on private insurance after classes on how "pain does not hurt if you overcome the fear' and "how does your spouse feel about your pain, and would you like counseling for that" . This followed by the Battlefield Acupuncture. Which even acupuncturists sa…

I go for next week. They set a high bond for the first week to "scare" the guy. Then the second week after they have seen what they have done wrong, they then sound all repentant and get out on a signature. high fives and smiles all the way around--what a joke

Funny how deficits and debt are not as important. Maybe look toward Minnesota, they seem to be doing a bit better. Wonder what they are doing different than Madison?

This is what happens when there is no/little gubbernmnet control. So when you are Trumping around town waving your confederate flag....this is the freedom you get.

Funny, you will be as poor and broke the day you lay down to die if you do not make a change. Either move where there is work, get the skills that pay in your area, or join the military. Norman Rockwell's America was a nice painting. It did not really exist as it was painted.

It is very good PR to convince we the populace to support a literal interpretation of the Constitution. Although the founders were son's of the enlightenment and wildly liberal for their time. We (the general population) would not have enjoyed their time quite so much. And (my opinion) if th…

Burke seems to be grieving a big money maker for Bishops is now being given away for free. There has always been annulments for those that could grease the wheels of canon law with cash. Annulments were very expensive and time consuming, now not so much.

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