When I was a kid back in the 30's they would advertise 5 gallons for $1.OO. In the early 50"s it was around thirty cents a gallon. But you mpg were only about 15-16.

Keep telling like it is and maybe some day they will wake up as to what they have done to our country.

Trump sure suckered a lot of you. I do hope that you are beginning to see how foolish you were. He is not going to do any thing for you or any else except himself.
He is not my president and never will be.....

Alvin and I were coworkers on the Bn and in local town of Onalaska politics.
So many years ago. God bless....

Why is it that Republicans are all so ignorant? There must be a reason.

Ho do they come to the conclusion to the cost of counting each ballot? It sounds exorbitant to me.

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