dickey roberts

Why isn't our city saving our riverfront and green spaces? This is what brings beauty to our area and it is being demolished for concrete and blacktop?
.................. to take this away from your children.

Interstate highway 35 - Mexicans - Methamphetamine - Arcadia - your white babies

No concern for heroine or meth, why "not" teach children about "Drug Abuse" ? Line up 10 methheads and 10 alcoholics to 10 potheads and let the child see the truth. So which group might die from withdrawals? Teach these kids something real.

"Viking Lives Matter" So why no directions to location or hours of operation for this educational facility?

What a shame for this to happen to a visiting tourist from south of our border. If he is here and working illegally then put his employer in prison with him! "Make America great again". The illegals would not be here without the CRIMINALS that employ them.

Trump for president?.....probably not, but, he sure is shaking the snot out of the republican politicians. "Go get'em Donald", "We Love You Donny".

...... why does all of our "Gummy Bear" money have to leave the state? Like 27 other states are enjoying our money! Cocaine,.... there is a nasty poison that should call for a prison sentence!

An eye on Steve's seat, but only if the armrests can be removed.

dickey roberts commented on Tiny home movement could come to La Crosse

Does this include a "Parklet" in the front yard?

I'm thinking the "Howdy Doody" show is just about over.

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