Prove me wrong on these three points. Please. Pretty please.

Oh, am I wrong on any of these facts? If so, please publicly correct me.

On the contrary, Trump has never failed. Yes, he was born into money. But he multiplied it exponentially, became a celebrity, and became POTUS. How much he made/lost and who was impacted negatively/positively doesn't matter in the scope of "Win/lose". Those are side effects. But he's neve…

Your hypocrisy makes me gag. Look at you: labeling millions you don't know, sourced from a non-cited group of "political scientists". Seems awfully Trump-like of you. You sure you aren't his biggest fan?

Yup. Unfortunately, Reagan is dead. Trump won the Republican primary in 2016. And here we are. Ultimately, no worse for the wear.

Fact: no new wars. Fact: regarding NK, no skirmishes, no nuke tests, no ICBM tests. Fact: no lost allies.

We have the right to bear arms, Cbag. Your interpretations are irrelevant.

I thought Evers was pro education and education spending? Where's the results?

I have always and will continue to enjoy football. Playing it taught me life lessons and gave me life-long ailments. But it's worth it any day and twice on Sundays. Maybe if I had suffered a severe injury it would be different, but the percentage of severe (disability, paralysis, etc.) in…

Right from God, Government, both or none: if you enter my home uninvited and with potential hostile intent, you'll be fired upon. I am confident that many millions share the same sentiment--which ironically shows the flaws in gun laws. They don't matter to good or bad people.

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