Surprising, but the correct call. Can't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Demanding they get their scholarship if opting out. Gee, that's not really what the real world is. I can't demand my paycheck for opting out of work. You get what you give. Anything else is a scam.

Covid compass is something designed by academia to keep people acting like the sheep they are. There's a pandemic folks. You could get sick and die. You could pass the virus on to others who may get sick and die. Act accordingly. Nuff' said.

As stated in previous comment you're making apples/oranges comparisons between my point and your examples. I'm talking about rights, not business regulations or country ordnances. I'm talking about an executive issuing a mandate enforced by penalty. And then calling it "broadly popular" a…

I never said I didn't wear a mask or that I don't think people should. Of course they SHOULD. If it can possibly help, they absolutely should. But there's a difference in what people should do and what they are coerced into doing. Freedom must be maintained and protected or it will be ero…

I also must point out one of the most flawed and hypocritical techniques of liberals and liberal media: the tendency to paint a mandate as a "popular" thing. The article says that there is "broad" support for mask wearing just after saying that Evers illegally mandated wearing them. How a…

Remember the outrage from the left saying in person voting would spread the virus? That was before mass riots and protests were deemed safe, of course. Where's everyone admitting they were wrong?

Someone tell me exactly where to look in the state or federal Constitutions to find authority to order the mandated wearing of PPE. Do that, and I will not disagree.

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These jerks are living on n Wisconsin, in the United States of America. That's a state with a Constitution, within a country with a broader Constitution. Neither of those Constitutions contain any authority that allows elected officials to dictate what free citizens wear on their faces. T…

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