Don't want to nitpick, but I will... Drug dealers are technically not "violent criminals" according to the FBI definition of violent crimes. So there's that.

As a LAX city taxpayer, when can I expect my portion of the profits to hit my bank account? Anyone?

The old tried-and-true scam by UWL of having the current students vote yes for a building project that future students will have to pay for. Seems ethical...

But they're not raising your taxes.... And people for that.

This guy.... How about some more embarrassing conspiracy theories Ron? How'd those turn out? Just go back to doing whatever McConnell tells you to do and stop pretending you care about WI.

Maybe they did this afternoon, but ya think the city could maybe possibly try and fill in some of the craters in La Crosse Street for once. Or maybe have wreckers lined up to assist the vehicles damaged by said craters.

Should be implemented on every street, if they were serious...

People suck...

Not saying you're wrong, but I'm gonna guess you're an old white guy... Just a hunch.

Oh no, I thought that Republicans were above obstructing the opposing parties agenda...

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