Dmoney won't admit it. Everything is subjective. This is why she supports burning our flag and kneeling when the anthem is played. Attacking POWs and Golden Star moms is also high on her list. Hey, it's not against the law! It's subjective. Now with an attitude like that, one must wonder why…

Perhaps you don't understand "norm" as used in a national context?

"These activities do not need to be illegal to be corrupt, just as the president does not need to be a criminal to be a deceitful schemer who undermines important legal and ethical norms."
This is the important part of the column. This is the part conservatives will ignore whil…

Doesn't sound like anybody bought this when big bill feehan tried it and I doubt if anyone will now. I'm ashamed of veterans who use veterans for political points. But that is the way of the world now, no shame, no pride.

Love this! From now on I would prefer to be addressed as "Comrade Jobaba". The lengths some will go to in order to hyper-inflate the fear factor of the dreaded socialist! lol!

If I remember correctly we are now fourth in the nation for per pupil spending dropping from 15th in the nation since the rebumblicans took over.

Amen. You can have morality without religion. It seems awfully difficult to have an antiabortion movement without religion.

Let's figure it out. How is smearing patriotic Americans working for the GOP? Well they dislike POW's and Gold Star families. Only a short distance to question and accuse proud and patriotic American's support of the military. No, I don't think spitting on and accusing Americans of such beha…

No matter what Evers did it is not enough to wipe away Bill's obvious twisting of the facts. Democrats have always supported the military. To link Ever's action to this fake smear job is false equivalence. Bill is a throughly indoctrinated Republican - meaning he is sure intelligent people w…

Who is Ron Johnson?

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