climatesdope never had a father and the short time he knew him ,he wasn"t worth a krap.

Truth is hurting more now, more than any time in history, especially with loser geezers like climatesdope. It is so incredibly obvious., according to our truthful sources.

Too bad the Bolten couldn"t be a ,not that long ago hero. His particular book , coming out, may be the greatest and most honest book ever written. It"s making the Orange Carcass crazy and causing trump=humpers, to be on their respective rags. trump"s lashing out, as is the White House and…

climatesdope is one major American racist, as he just uttered in one major intelligence quoted statement. This loser needs to be fully investigated by Lacrosse County Sheriffs Department ,the sooner the better. He is assuredly a menacing danger to society.Furthermore ,he is a lot like tru…

You wanna bet? They are all over . Boogalloo much.? Time is for Cashless to get her nose outta FoxFakes" or___ and get some real truth and some real factual information. Look it on up, lowlife and don"t get so angry ,just "cos the Orange Carcass is biting the dust . You know,for a fact...…

Many of the rioting looters were,in fact White Supremacist ,Trump-Humpers, who were ,no doubt, attempting to diversify their very own lawlessness. No surprise here. Pretty obvious.

johnnybragatti commented on Commentary: Policing for profit must end

Fines ,fees ,tickets...that is how Wisconsin Counties purchase tanks ,Humvees and rocket launchers, to patrol Wisconsin streets.

Can ya"ll say Hallelujah??? ,to the end of Repubic, Fascist/Nazi rule? If trump can vote :mail-in, the fine Americans can as well. This is also how trump will be whooped in November, as the torch is passed to a new, younger generation, of Americans, where trump"s Fascism and trump"s Nazis…

ryhunk000 an idiot waiting and showing how to happen.A bonafide human waste product, if you ever seen or heard one.

The ultra worst president this great country of the USA has ever seen, is the Orange Carcass ,known as trump. Bolten may take "im down, if his book is not blocked. Obviously he has had a throng of damning evidences blocked already. At some point in time he will be forced to surrender. We …

Not one person could be more spot-on !!!

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