Basically and in reality, as usual, Lowry says nothing.

Catch but DON"T release, the trump and trump-humper way, in America., though NOT the American way.

Watch the deebagger drop his kids at school and lo and behold, another mass shooting.

He will run out of the school screaming: "it wasn"t Trump"s fault", "it wasn"t Trumps fault."

Hopefully the climatedope, will help the deadbeat Dad with his grief and figure out ways to b…

It is called TRUTH, zerokok,..... C "mon : Wet-Brain, put that Everclear and Jack Daniels down. You wouldn"t know honesty, if it bit you in your_____. The RealAmerican folks will be working 24/7 to dump the Orange Carcass and you need to get with the program and redeem yourself. Bring the…

dmoney ,the back stabbing, double dealing, political savant, who has not a clue how racist he really is, by the Trumpian manner, in which he stands with other racists.

Quite personally, I feel sorry for his kids. The downside of watching Fox Fake 54/7 and Hannity.Ingraham,Carlson.…

Wanna see red flags? and I mean very ,very bright red flags? Take a look any day, at climatehoax"s crazy,demented, whackjob styled comments and you will see just that.

His lamented obsession paranoia, with (someone) confiscating his massive amount, of firearms. is above and beyond…

Thanks Caped ,what an absolutely fantastic informative and educational article. I know some will never read it and prefer to be :"dumbed down." and stay that way.

Now here t"is the climatehoax, a mass murderer waiting to happen . See him shaking and sweating,as thoughts of confiscation begin to swirl. We certainly hope the FBI is surveying him . His manifesto ain"t much different,than the previous. Pretty scary

As long as Trump says "It"s OK, as long as he gives the impression,that it"s alright., when an unstable person, gets a whacko idea "bout killing a fellow human being ,Trump can help him make that terrible decision and he will, as long as he is allowed to give his racist nationwide rants. …

"A sure fire way out of this cancer'? the vast need to abolish,eliminate, obliterate and remove Trump from office. If that doesn"t happen , simply vote him out of office.

We have to work 24/7, until 2020. Let"s all get on-board. It could never be more necessary.

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