Jokes in LaCrosse

These are cadaver dogs.

The police need to stay in their lane and let the courts do their jobs.... as the community is sick of cops mudering unarmed men too, yet they skate...

Point is if the cops dont follow the laws why should others? Resigned And got to keep pensions.. not able to support his family he works at BNSF... im sure he will be fine while still hunting... he is a puke anyway....

Korn and Yang retired
To keep pensions....korn works at BNSF and yang at police station just not a cop.... both worthless

Jokes in LaCrosse commented on Former Onalaska employee convicted of theft

Not sure why anyone would be surprised by this all cops and conworkers are liars and theifs and get away w everything. Never did hear again about LCPD that threatened his wife w gun after he spent weekend in cushy jail in another county....they get to retire so they can still collect pension…

I remember a few years back a few LaCrosse police got caught keeping to many and they didnt go prison...Korn and F Yang...

I love UW Madison👌🏻Students choose the courses they take.... fire him for his opinion.... but dont fire police who shoot unarmed black men in the back who are paid by tax payers? What a joke

Jokes in LaCrosse commented on Sexist banner near UW-L stirs backlash

What a crock . Cream pies now mean " your going to get raped at college?" Stupid maybe but these guys cannot be held accountable for how YOU interpet what the sign says... Freedom of speech... Dont have to like it but it is just that. I am more upset about the kid who was convicte…

About time

A few of them bailed out on $20,000..... Pretty sure they are willing to lose that cash for freedom!

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