Thanks so much for exposing the details of the proposed upgrades. I suspected there was football money involved and now I know.
I'll add this: 98% of football players have brain damage from violence. Why are we still allowing our children to take part in this horrendous game? And why do…

It's a matter of supply and demand. With any business, you can't make a living without buyers for your product and a fair price. Ideally without government subsidies. I've changed professions many times in my 67 years, and these farmers can too. It's true they are used to living off the g…

Probably learned to be cruel in the military.

Our area certainly will get along fine without the stink, the pollution, and the cruelty of a slaughterhouse in their backyard. I suppose YOU would be fine living next door to such a monstrosity?

Go Raiders!

Might as well. Gets rather boring sitting in Madison and just nodding your head at Walker's fascism year after year..

kickapooviking commented on USAF guide to environmental impact studies

It's time to get over our ridiculous and wasteful military spending. These overpriced machines have no place in Wisconsin, or anywhere for that matter. Stop squandering our tax dollars to make weapons investors rich!

Democrats have learned to go along with the warmongering or else get hammered at election time for being "soft on terror". They all have blood on their hands, and that's why I refuse to vote for anyone currently in Washington...

They're children, and, since they are not Americans, actually know how to do a hard days work. Get over it.

Of course Ron Kind would worry the Pentagon and military will be hurt by a federal shutdown. Kind has shown, like every other Democrat, that warmongering keeps you in office. No matter that 60 million humans are today fleeing American Foreign Policy, and, by the way, when you're cursing the …

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