I had to make a box kite from this page because the photo was set too high. The man in the photo can have the kite if he wishes, have him call me Mike has my #

This was front page and when I made a kite out of it,.. the picture and headline "JailHouse Conversion" really stood out....I hope it finds a home without branches.

This picture and story made a nice kite, I hope the Major gets it some day.

This page made a nice kite, I hope the people get it someday

This story and picture made a beautiful kite, hope I can give it to her someday

This picture was on the front page and it made a nice kite for my newspaper kite collection.

This article made a nice kite

This made one of my favorite kites, the look on the mans face says it all the headline stood out and the date was completely visible from in front, I give it a 4

I was let down because the picture was set too far in the upper right of the page and I couldn't get her head on the kite but I kept it anyhow.

I was wondering why this was the front page story I didn't think it made a very good kite so I threw it out.