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I just think it would be a good tool to also teach others and fight racism. I would have loved opportunities like this one in school. Maybe it would help build bonds instead of tearing them down. The whole right now seems full of hate and anger. You can’t turn on the tv news without seei…

I think this trip was a wonderful thing and such trips should continue. I think these students connected more with their roots than otherwise would have been possible.

My concern is that such trips could cause more racism and more Robbert Kittens. I think no matter your race this tr…

Unless he made the cement blocks or altered them someway (example - by painting them or splattering paint on them) - very generic.

But point I was trying to make was bad title choice. The story takes about body found near his grandfather’s property and cadaver dogs hitting on his truc…

Cement blocks are similar is ridiculous. Most cement blocks are similar. Seriously - that’s the title??? I think he probably did it but that is terrible evidence and not worth a story title. Most people in La Crosse probably get there cement bricks from Menards. I really hope they have b…

As for the Madison to Funeral to NRA to Madison flight - maybe like the rest of us plebs - choose one and drive.

So when is he cutting the state a check for that? Also - why is it even legal to do that. He should campaign on his own $$$$ - not OURS!

If she wanted to be released to another hospital-why was Mayo denying on basis of worrying about her “in home” care.

Ok - what if the vehicle does not belong to the property owner?

I think it’s more Del Monte’s fault. KT bought from a well known brand - not some cheap China or Mexico supplier.

But it looks like Del Monte may have in turn bought from a cheap supplier.

I think Del Monte should pay the full amount since they caused the problem by going chea…

Fake stuff is back on YouTube again too. Saw the fake pizzagate video the other day that caused one IQ challenged person to shot up a pizza place.

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