Can anyone explain why each parent is charged with 5 counts of 1st degree murder? Does that mean there are 5 bodies?

I agree with most have said here. GHS likes to pay the top brass top dollar. They also demand 10% of your bill every month. For most people that is more than their house payments. Then they get their wages garnished to boot. They constantly tell employee to do more with less help and dept bo…

As an FYI the Hunan has some of the BEST inspections for all of La Crosse. Most times they have 0 violations. No I don't work there. An old roomie was the health inspector. China Buffets and fast food ice cream machines are the worst. Happy dining!

As a parent of a child in Holmen I can assure you nothing is really done about bullying. "Say you're sorry." No wonder kids don't report. They aren't stupid. The know the admin will do nothing. "Internal investigation" means they are the popular athletes and they will swe…

Kathy, you want politics out of education? Guess what? Us too. Get out, stop cutting funding and let teachers TEACH!! Our kids are busy with all the state mandated tests and not learning anything but how to take a test. Then again there is a reason the dumbest, most uneducated states in the …

Someone should tell her vile includes some not choice words. The truth hurts lady and our schools are sucking. Sorry you can't handle the truth.


....Funny how that maintenance and "unexpected maintenaance" always turn up when prices are down. It's about creating demand to protect the bottom line. Stop pissing on our leg and telling us it's raining.

^what he said. Turn off Fox news and live a little.

Clearly, Marine and Jerome have never watched the show. I am a Masters level mama of 3 and LOVE this show. First, the "so-called series" is the #1 rated cable show ever so I am pretty sure advertisers, creators, actors etc are laughing all the way to the bank. Second, it is more ab…

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