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There is no kudos to anyone in this article. 1. Guy was not even 21 years so offense number 1 is underage drinking. 2. Who served him more a the Twisted Moose or who bought the underaged person the drinks. Nail the Twisted Moose and/or the person who bought him drinks.

Who is he talking to when he says " Let's Go."? he also looks like he is looking for possibly another person. I would ask for footage from around the area and downtown. He kind of stumbled a little.

The handwriting of our youth affects so much more than we think. They cannot spell some words correctly because of auto check. They all look like they should be doctors the way they write. That is if they even write at all. Go further and have them do handwritten letters as well. And plea…

I'm with Andrea. Why would you pay twice the value for a piece of property. It was assessed in May for 279,500 and you want to give them 6k. Where I come from that is called deficit financing.

Does it really matter since Greta told us we will all be dead in a short while? That young girl has a temper on her.

I usually pay very close attention to this when it includes places I have dined, but how can you put a place in that is not even open to the public yet? That could be giving them a negative reputation.

Eide also owns the building that burned down shortly before school started. It did not have smoke detectors. How does a building pass inspection without smoke detectors? I believe it was on Aug 25th. 1314-20 5th Avenue South. Slum lord and the city allows it.

This has nothing to with better gun control or the NRA. This is a career criminal and he should be locked away. How much does the state spend on court cases, filings, monitoring of him verses putting him in prison? I wonder if it would be equal or a little more for the latter, but people …

Whose responsibility is it to install smoke detectors and whose is it to make sure they are installed and working? This unit is owned by someone who owns many rentals and as far as I can tell the city turns a blind eye to violations. Inspectors open those eyes and begin doing your job. Th…

If you want authentic Italian food and great atmosphere I recommend you try Luigi's. This is a true family business and that is what this area needs.

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