In the end don't bring a bike to a truck fight.

Good for wisconsin. Someone is coming to their senses.

Step aside hag.

Good for the people of west salem.

I see superman doesn't have anything so he reverts to name calling and personal attacks. The definition of a small man with a smaller mind.

John Menard can give his money to who ever he wants after all it's his money to give away if he wants. Another non-story. Nice try lib-trib.

Vote no, hold your ground. It's not as bad as Gunderson clams it to be.

I think we need to replace that whole group at city hall. Find some people that actually have a brain and didn't take it out and play with it. What I'm trying to say is find someone who isn't so DUMB.

Go Scott Walker yaaaa.

Didn't they just ask the same thing last year? The answer is no and no.

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