La Crosse did not make the list because it's too small but does have a serious problem. It's amazing our drunk's propensity for redundant drinking at the same old place weekend after weekend. Their noisy behavior all over town gets old at bar time. Cops must all have their windows rolled up.

The fee should be $100 for being dumb enough to plant grass that needs watering and then watering the sidewalk and streets to boot. You too Dairyland Power.

It would also continue to poison our planet and our health.

You have no right to silence anyone. Good for Aaron Rogers, keep it up.

Why does the Tribune not publish pictures of the bike thieves? We can all pretty much guess who wrote this article.

We should repeal healthcare for all politicians. It's only right. They want it repealed for some.

GHB had a rich history until the 80's when they tried to grow by eliminating smaller competing breweries. At the end they had over 200 brands and less than a dozen recipes as they were putting the same , cheap beer in many, many labels. Hopefully some of these old recipes will come alive a…

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