As soon as Mueller said that he couldn't come to a conclusion on obstruction, his job was over and he should have shut his mouth, rather than stir the pot. I love it when I see "progressives" (a misnomer) like Bboy and Cassandra losing their minds, dealing with Trump. You'll be lo…

Why isn't someone blaming Trumps visit to Japan for this violence. It probably won't take long until Nancy Pelosi does just that!

Cassandra, you didn't respond to the point I made. If say, 70 % of the people killing themselves were lesbians, gay men, black people it would be termed an "epidemic", and people like you would be losing your minds. There would be report after report on it. 60 Minutes, Dateline,…

Sorry I meant Jourdan, not Geri. I'm just a mindless, white, middle aged male, so you'll have to forgive me.

I'm not positive, but I think "taxed" meant that more people who have had the surgery kill themselves more frequently than people who are considering the procedure/procedures to change their gender. But, concerning your suicide stats on white males, especially middle-age white ma…

It's sad that someone couldn't have warned them about the dangers of using a canoe in water this high.

In reality, women are obviously smarter than YOU Johnny. Your most frequently used words are probably, yes dear , what did I do wrong HON? and PLEASE talk to me. Now repeat after me, Johnny. It's OK to be white..... It's OK to be male. Break those chains buddy.

He should have taken a page out of Jimmy Swaggert's play book and started seeing hookers.

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