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This is a test of a Livefyre blogging stream.

Take slavery out of the equation and there's no Civil War. Period. Jefferson Davis' message to the provisional congress of the Confederate State of America upon the ratification of a constitution by the states mentions slavery 23 times.

Curious about what specifically is wrong with the Hwy. 33 reconstruction (other than it coming a couple of hundred yards from completion last fall, as the detour choices are a pain for a second time). The stretch from Kwik Trip to the foot of Irish Hill is exponentially safer, and traffic fl…

Thank you, Mr. 42.

Marc Wehrs commented on Matt Thomas arrested for OWI

Damnable homophones. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

As usual, Terry has gotten it right and written it well.

Then please tell us how it really is.

Marc Wehrs commented on Convicted killer demands hearing

Boarders? I don't have enough room in my house to put up boarders.

The ins and outs of gun regulation are difficult. The majority of gun-related deaths each year are suicides. The next, nearly-as-big category is homicides, the bulk of which are gang-related and are, therefore, not going to be greatly affected by gun laws, whether strict or permissive. Then …

It's possible that Jerome doesn't spend a lot of time writing about guns in the hands of us regular Joes saving lives ... because it doesn't happen very often. As he points out in this case, the guns that save lives nearly always belong to police officers. Guns in the hands of we, the (law-a…

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