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Nathan Hansen has been the Education Reporter for the Tribune since 2014. Prior to that, he covered education, agriculture and business topics for the Winona Daily News. He is always on the lookout for news tips and can be contacted at 608-791-8234.

Sexual assault is gaining attention on the national stage as more and more people call out celebrities, politicians and those in power. But the issue is more than just the #MeToo social media hashtag: It hits home for a shocking number of La Crosse County teens, as more than 1 in 8 high school females reported being sexually assaulted in 2017.

A look at district's 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey responses relating to sexual assault. County-wide more than 1 in 8 female students report…

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I'd like to think parents are appreciative of knowing what's going on as the school year begins.


Hi John,

Like the story says, the district receives about $12,000 per student from state and local sources. Each new voucher student in the program in 2016 received about $7,500 from the school district they left under changes made to the system last session.