This is stupid. Linking arms shows support for Kaepernick and his pig socks, and slanted view of America. These overpaid adolescents, kneeling and spitting on the country that gives them freedom is enough. As a lifelong Packer fan, I am done with the NFL, NBA, and any "sport" tha…

What is not mentioned is the government funding of solar. If not for all the taxpayer funded kick backs to power companies, solar would be non existent as it is not profitable. The Obama administration started all the taxpayer funding of utilities on solar with his green agenda. It is not …

olderthandirt commented on Big rains more frequent as world warms

What about in the 1800's? Many floods were just as bad. Why is it, these climate nuts think they can predict the earths warming/cooling when they cannot even predict the weather next week? In the 70's we were told by 2000 we would all be frozen. Brainwashing at it's best for money.

This is so wrong on so many levels. Why expose kids to this? Sad

I hope Bronson gets a chance to play in the NBA. He seems to be a great young man and a great athlete. Too bad he isn't completely healthy. Timing can be everything.

So tired of these stories. As a migraine sufferer for over 20 years, these fake news stories perpetuate the stigma of migraine not being real. It is a neurological disease. Many suffer in silence because of articles like this one. You cannot cure a migraine. You can recognize triggers, do…

Old Jake has the right to express his opinion. Why get your undies in a knot if he is so crazy? He may not agree with all the liberalism, but that is his right !

Freedom Fest is a great show and way to honor our vets. I am so sad it will not continue! Been to all but one! Too bad someone else cannot continue it, getting some of these bands to donate a portion of their fee to make it possible. Thanks for a great run though!

Crazy to let her out on the street with such a light sentence. Cannot believe the guy who stabbed his mother got off with probation. What is wrong with LaCrosse's judges?

Had a doctor who did this for our family at no extra cost years ago. She is an exceptional doctor Gundersen has already. She came to the nursing home for check ups and also for end of life issues. She is a saint, a real God send. Our family could never thank her enough.