Thanks, crank, for that exacting, well-reasoned and well-documented negation of what I wrote. Do you often end up with smashed fingers and skinned knuckles when trying to hit the nail on the head?

You feeling a little paranoid that your accounts will be disabled soon, crank? You do skate on thin ice often, that is for sure.

Ah yes, feast away, crank. I am not in the slightest bothered by it, big fella.

Perhaps you should read my posts while moving your lips, crank. I suppose I should be flattered that you read my posts at all, but it will do you no good unless you comprehend the content of my posts. In this case and others in the past, I have made it clear that I reported Redwall's boast…

In your fevered dreams only, Ricky.

Mr. Lowry tells us: "If this is true, one of the exogenous factors that could appreciably increase Trump’s odds of reelection — a zany Democratic nomination contest leading to a nominee much too far left for the American electorate — may not materialize."

Perhaps that explai…

Another column by E.J. Dionne Jr. that displays why he is one of the best, most thoughtful political columnists in the business, and I am a liberal willing to heap praise on him, a conservative.

I repeat, crank, you self-righteously say: "I’ll state again, though this seems beyond your ability to fully understand what happened or what I did to catch you… The information was collected in server log files, which upon analysis by a web analytics software package (not hacking or sl…

Good Lord, crank! If that was some sort flow chart of how you feel wronged by me, there are so many directions that it goes in that there is not much I can say about it. It says nothing and leads nowhere. The best I can do is say you have for weeks repeatedly accused me of "doxxing&q…

ditto for me. I was able for a day to open the most recent one, but now both come up blank when I open the link.

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