On Earth

We are so lucky in La Crosse to have this great resource. I do see parents with kids enjoying "together time" in the marsh. In fact, I see people of all ages walking the trails. It's a wonderful place.

Can't get enough of the Tribune's great marsh photos! Thank you, photographers!

There is no conspiracy.

Clearly, closure is because these facilities are not profitable. Mayo wants to push care for addiction and mental health off on "community partners." While they make profits people who need help are cast aside. Frankly, I'm not sure Gundersen is any better. Their profit motive is #1 too.


Thank you for providing this information.

Funny story of domestic harmony. My favorite part is the "Buy Now" button under the pic of the patch-job.

Fantastic research and work by young students, and probably some guidance by a teacher. Congratulations to these students and Thank You for working to make the area safer for pedestrians. Anyone walking, biking or driving anywhere, anytime needs to pay attention to assure safety for all. …

Robt Morlino has been blaming gays for church and social ills for a long time. It's no surprise he would do so now, with this latest report of sexual abuse in Catholic parishes. It is sexual assault and it is a crime.

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