"he makes the bats from premier grade wood from the Northeast. Most of the tube-shaped billets that he buys are maple. The rest are birch or ash."

With all the ash trees getting cut down in the area, they can't source their wood locally? There are sawmills right up the road t…

If farmers do what you say, what will we eat?

Timeline is incomplete. Nothing about the tech upgrades of the late 90s, or the decline of the 2010's, with the emptying of the newsroom while seasoned reporters and photographers get pushed into early retirement.

This is awesome. MTU is finding its way into the 21st century. Day passes and rechargeable fare cards are something we're looking forward to.

How about fixing the acoustics in the arena? It sounds like the inside of an airplane hanger in there. Improving the acoustics would be a big payoff for a small investment (more tickets sold, easier to attract quality acts), and I've yet to see a word about this badly needed improvement.

Where's the picture?

"The La Crosse store ships products to all 50 states. And customers drive to the business from as far away at Minneapolis, Chicago and the Quad Cities."

I may be mistaken here, but isn't it illegal to go across state lines to buy guns? Isn't that why Chicago has so many illeg…

Fix the acoustics in the arena.

Thank you.

Please change your headline. It's not "racially charged", it's RACIST!

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