OR, maybe all her liberal friends didn’t want to part with their money and pay the cost of her food.

How do they chose this parade Marshall.? What gives Prof Williams the nod for the honor is she a huge labor union person speak out for the unions? Nope. Odd choice

Not that it will bring the pilot back. RIP. But come on tribune. It is a helicopter NOT a plane. Can you at least get that correct?

I will back the "making room for..." I was at Perkins in Onalaska last night, These former Rose Street people are IN FACT having to apply for a position should one be available. I spoke with the property manager myself and asked how they were going to absorb all the employees for the othe…

Please God.....Some grocery chain open a store on the south side of La Crosse, or at the very least in between the south side and the north side of La Crosse. We are STUCK with the over priced Festival Foods $35.00 for a HALF of a bag of groceries. I repeat .. A HALF!!!! of a paper bag fo…

I mentioned this same thing as I voted today. NO body would run against these choices?!?! I can't believe it. These fools were the only people who ran unopposed. I wanted to put anyone but this fool on at least two of them. IN the end I didn't mark any of them UGH!!!

I throw the BS flag!!!

This place is a hole anyway. Smells awful. Moldy, musty, dark, damp, and in need of desperate repair. Has needed it for years. Keep it condemned, knock it down and bring in something decent

"...Hampson added that she believes in helping people recover and that the facility would treat people who want to work and want to integrate back into the community.

“These are veterans that have been damaged because they voluntarily went to wars, and I think we owe them the dece…

There is an open lots on Cass Street right off of Losey Blvd. 500 Mississippi St & 1003 5th Ave S are in the "Promise " area. 2829 Hamilton St Potato Ridge Rd Lot 10 918 Saint Cloud St They could sell the house and build a new one on any open lots. OR they could sell an…

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