real life Justice

This piece of trash needs to be terminated. He beats women and is not in prison. Wake up Lacrosse Judges, Put this animal in prison.

Three Black Trash In what was a nice quit neighborhood. Glad I moved out of the La Crosse BLACK Drug trading center. When are you the CITIZENS Of La Crosse going to run the Black Drug dealers out of your fine city??? This
trash is costing you millions. Glad I moved away.

High cost of Insurance. They need to be put in jail and given a sentence of hard labor for 6 months. Maybe this would change there attitude towards continue drug use. Make sure they pay there bill take everything they have to cover it. time for the druggy to face reality and pay up. And …

The four stooges. La Crosse finest residents, to bad there parents did not teach them anything. Welcome to jail pretty boys DON'T drop the soap.

Gow is using DOUBLE standards, He can Use the UW computer to express his views of the travel ban. But staff can't DISAGREE, Its call the 1st amendment FREEDOM OF SPEECH. GOW can post on the computer which violates school policy but staff gets fired for voicing there OPINON. GOW should be fired.

Once again the city wasted more tax payers money, City of La Crosse will never learn. You have a bunch of crooked Managers and if you don't kiss there backside they will do everything and anything to ruin your career. Past practice of stupidity and poor management.

Ok Mayor's Kabat, Medinger you want the white folk of La Crosse apologise to the black folks how they are treated WHY. Look at the poor white boy crack head who died because another Black drug dealer gave him the drugs to assist him in his death. Aug of 15 Black drug dealer Kills a Juv. gu…

It's so nice to see the homeless get a free place to stay at a reduced rate. Now How much more in Taxes do we have to pay for this feel good moment. What is there contribution to society? Or how are they going to pay for services.

I worked for the city, They hired One of the most corrupt officer the city ever had. He was caught doing Illegal activity as a Police Officer The city looked the other way. Medinger was the mayor then with his rainbow family which some I had to deal with as a employee of the city. Now You …

Obumba is a joke, Law enforcement works hard to protect and enforce the laws that society needs to follow. But he lets out the very scum the laws were meant for. Now this trash is caught again producing a drugs that we are all fight against. 3 strikes and you out put him away and throw awa…

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