Ambrose is a clown!

Scott Pruitt is a F'King Koch sukr.


Reince is a F'King moron!

Well played!


President Azzzzhoooole is no rookie, he has been lying for the entire 70+ yeah s that he has been walking the earth.

More FAKE news from Lowry.

Ambrose is the liar of all liars. He is employing a President Azzzzhooooole mode of operation, point the finger at someone else and call them a liar. This causes people to look away from him and begin to question other people. What needs to happen is to turn toward Ambrose and make him defen…

Snow chitforbrains she knows as much about opposition research as dumbazz Donnie jr. Snow C, you would welcome and defend tRump dropping a deuce on your forehead as playful foreplay.

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