Rick Czeczok

You had the audacity to call others on this board "fakes" Now that's funny people here is a guy who used to call himself Kingsman on this board but he was kicked off due to lies and threats to people as well as spreading and quoting fake web sites that fit his needs. This guy is the worst…

No you don't count, you are a socialist activist, in the 60's at least you called yourself what you really are "The communist party"

You don't count. This is a social activist, at least in the 60's they called themselves what they really were "The communist party"

Socialist activist, you don't count...

Oh look below these are all social activist looking to destroy our country. All because of their failings in life. So sad, I almost feel sorry for them, but then again they did it to themselves. Accountability, is not a word in their vocabulary.

You don't count.

You don't count.

"I don't remember" I hope that is not his defense.

The whole socialist movement is an attack on our constitution. First thing socialist have to do is take the guns away from the citizens. That way they have no resistance to whatever they want to do. Be so careful of what you vote for, as it will change your life as you know it now and you…

Not a chance. There is nothing that says he has to show you, or anyone else, but the IRS.

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