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Rick Czeczok

Waiting OldHomely...

Back on crack I see. Does your mom know you are using in her basement? What a nut job this one is. OldHomely's big buddy. That says a lot about the both of them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Oh the house parties in Madison are going to be out of control.

Right along with the record amount of test's. The math works that way.

Wonder how many people will die with your scare tactics. Bloods on your hands pal. Where did you get your expertise from? What are your qualifications? You are the problem with this paper and the press. No wonder this bird cage paper is all but dead. And with writers like you thank God...…

Now that's funny. When is Octoberfest?

Rick Czeczok commented on Don Weber wins DMI legacy award

Under this mayor and council TIFS were handed out like candy to bring in more business and jobs. Fact is the jobs are being held down by people who don't live in the city. They love Onalaska, Holmen and over the river for less taxation. The population of this city has steadily dropped und…

One of the liberal New Yorks finest. Thank God for the electoral collage or that state and California would run the country. Crazy liberals love those two states.

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