My guess is that it's going to be done closed doors and Weber will get it for $25k and then get millions in tiff money. Next question.... when does the general pubic get a chance to own prime real estate and pennies on the dollar??? This one is going to cost the city millions again !!!

I have known Denny for 35+ years but never saw this one on it's way. Now I feel bad for Clair for all of this considering all she has been through but he does deserves to face the music for his actions. Sorry Denny but ya' gotta take this one on the chin.

They could just quit !!! There reason nobody runs against them is because the more times that the repeat customers the courts get the more $$$ Private Practice Pays !! I have asked Ron Kind to look into the joke of a system we have going on here but he won't respond !!!

Maybe I'm over stepping my bounds by asking this question. What Clown Crew in The La Crosse County Judicial System set a 6 Time DUI AND Child Endangerment out on a $2,500 Bond?? WHO ??? WHO ???? WHO ???? And WHY ???? WHY ??? WHY ??? Why won't The La Crosee Tribune Report This?? Is it becaus…

She wouldn't even be my 40th choice !!! Her grand ideas have cost us all a lot of $$$$$

Big Deal !!! No One in The La Crosse County Judicial Systems give a rats azz anyway !!!

My heart just skipped a beat when I found out it was a friend of mine for over 25 years. I heard a few minutes after the crash that someone went down and didn't look good. The next day finding out it was Randy I was in total shock and disbelief !!! A great man that will be miss by so many p…

By your theory someone arrested with 10 million dollars worth of Heroin should get a sig bond?? 8th amendment in all !!!

8th Amendment allows for the Judge to consider the severity of the crime when imposing bail amounts ! Hence NO BAIL for Murders. Read the WHOLE 8th Amendment Please. the Judges or DA won't either.

Tower....DOUAZHONG VU was arrested as well if YOU READ the article and had and I say HAD !!! SHE IS OUT and is an player in this game. Read Closer and check the Web Page of La Crosse County Intake !!!!!

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