Woof. That was difficult to read. Try completing words to get your point across, and perhaps you'll have a better time getting people to listen to what you are trying to convey.

Oh boy. Do the math kid.

HOORAY! Boshcka, you are a stand-up guy and I am proud of you.

Rodgers4Prez commented on Walker: 'I will win and fight for you'

She just didn't have her nap today; brain isn't functioning.

I like this guy.

hahaha. Just no.

Excellent job Thatcher!

Rodgers4Prez commented on Last days for Losey Boulevard ash trees

Bring in the red-bellied woodpeckers! At a specific study site of EAB infested fraxinus, they consumed about 16% of both the larvae and pupae on average for about two years.


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