This list is hourly employees not salaried employees. Teachers and the Adm wages are also public info. The paper should publish those in the future.

All of them, worse small city streets of all the cities I am familiar with.

There will always be hunters just not the numbers that were seen 35 years ago and earlier.

Trump is nothing more than a school yard bully. He only knows how to divide people not unite them.

18-19 an hour is less than 40 grand a year before overtime, fine when your single in your early 20's. Your not going to raise a family on that wage anymore unless your spouse makes about the same then it still will be a struggle.

correct hourly workers must be paid time and a half for over 40. It is week after week of 60 hours to tired to do anything family, body is shot by the time your 50.

I know people at other manufacturing plants have the same thing . 6 days a week at 12 hours for most of the summer no life with the family. Must use a week of your vacation on the plants decided shut down week or take no pay etc etc. They stay because with only high school degrees they …

No it should read: The younger generation of the dwindling white majority realize they are on the precipice of finally learning what it means to compromise, adapt, and coexist in an ethnically diverse country.

Those under the age of 35 if they come out in large numbers in '18, '20 , and '22 there will be big changes in this country for the better but the older members on the right will not be happy.

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